Director's Message

Dear colleagues, sponsors, students, and friends, 

On behalf of all Center staff from our seven consortium universities, I am presenting you with pride and pleasure the website of our National Center for Strategic Transportation Policies, Investments, and Decisions. Building on a successful Tier 1 University Transportation Center at the University of Maryland, our National Transportation Center (NTC@Maryland) was established in October 2013 as one of the five National Centers funded by the University Transportation Center Program of U.S. Department of Transportation. Our NTC@Maryland also benefits from great support from several State Departments of Transportation, especially the Maryland State Highway Administration, and many local government and private-sector partners. 
NTC@Maryland has involved more than 100 faculty, researchers, and students in more than 50 research, education, outreach, and technology transfer projects in 2014 and 2015. Our most important asset is our people, who are addressing some of the most critical issues in economic development and multimodal transportation systems. For instance, several collaborative research projects that involved all seven consortium universities developed innovative solutions to improve freight mobility and reliability, to support national-level transportation investment decision-making, and to leverage private-sector funding resources in a fiscally-constrained environment. It is also exciting time at NTC@Maryland with regard to education and workforce development. Our faculty are establishing the first on-line Master’s Program in Transportation Engineering, and expanding a successful cross-cutting Transportation Engineering and Public Policy Graduate Program. Our Summer and Year-long Internship Programs have attracted a diversified group of future transportation engineering professionals. In 2014, NTC@Maryland organized and sponsored a series of training academies, workshops, conferences, and seminars that were consistent with our three Center themes (freight efficiency and reliability, congestion management with multimodal solutions, and national-level policy decision-support), including the Freight Academy, Traffic Operations Academy, TRB Conference on Innovation in Travel Modeling, TRB Conference on Transportation and Economic Development, and the Gulf Coast Maritime Transportation Summit.
Our vision for the coming year is growth and impact. We aspire the highest level of performance for our stakeholders and constituents with impactful practice-ready products. Through a multi-university collaborative approach, we have set our sights on major growth opportunities to bring NTC@Maryland to new heights in 2015. I would like to thank you for all your support to our Center and ask for your continuous support because we will not be able achieve our goals without it.         
Best Regards,
January 1, 2015 in Washington DC