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[NTC2015-MU-R-06] Guidance for Field and Sensor-Based Measurement of HCM and Simulation Performance Measures


This research will focus on defining and estimating HCM performance measures for freeways from various field data sources, with an emphasis on automated data collection sources in the form of roadside sensors, probe-based travel time data, and others. The research has the following four objectives:

  • Provide definitions and techniques for field measuring key freeway performance measures used in the HCM;
  • Provide guidance to analysts for the use of field-measurements of performance measures through examples using real-world data;
  • Provide guidance for agencies applying recent and emerging automated data sources to estimating field-based performance measures;
  • Provide guidance for data providers on data reporting and consistency with performance measures and analysis frameworks;

The expected outcome of this project are methodologies and guidance for estimation of performance measures from field observations for HCM and simulation. The definitions are available for inclusion in the Highway Capacity Manual, or in simulation guidance being developed by FHWA, such as the expected Simulation Manual.