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[NTC2015-MU-R-05] Data Fusion Aided Freeway Analysis for HCM


Despite the macroscopic nature of the methods in the HCM, performing a correct analysis is difficult and time consuming. This is largely due to 1) time-consuming preliminarily data collection and preparation prior to the analysis, 2) difficulty in correct data collection and data entry, and 3) lacking guidance on data needs for calibration and validation. These factors are not comprehensively covered in the HCM, nor do procedures exist for automating these processes. The objectives of the proposed project are to: 1) Develop a data preparation framework and methodology for an HCM freeway facility analysis, including the use of online mapping tools for facility segmentation; 2) Develop demand estimation’ and ‘calibration’ methodologies to adjust demand and capacity in conjunction with freeway characteristics such as capacity reduction due to congestion; and 3) Identify possible data sources that can be integrated into HCM (FREEVAL) analysis framework for demand estimation, calibration and also validation.

The project will start with a comprehensive investigation and identification of appropriate candidate procedures in HCM that can be automated by developing necessary methodologies and frameworks. Then, in task 2 of the project, these methodologies will be developed. In task 3, project team will focus on identification and evaluation of data sources that can be linked into automation framework. In task 4, necessary modules for FREEVAL will be developed to implement the proposed methodologies along with the linkage to the data sources identified in task 3. At the end of these tasks, the project team will conduct a series of test on real world freeway facilities in North Carolina and Arizona to assure the accuracy of the proposed project outcomes.

The major benefits of conducting this project are to: 1) facilitate the correct data entry and freeway analysis in the context of HCM and 2) increase the accuracy of any freeway analysis that are performed under HCM.