[NTC2015-SU-E-01] Master of Science in Transportation Degree Program Development

Bethany Stich and Carol Short
University of New Orleans
Subject Area: 
The proposed project includes but is not limited to:
  • Submit proposal to the Board of Regents.
  • Submit External Reviewer report to Office of the President, University of New Orleans
  • Develop curriculum concerned with all modes of transportation–road, rail, maritime and air–and the connection of people and goods across these modes.
    •   Focus instruction so that students will benefit from subject matter designed to present the entire system of transportation and the training for those within the field in a well-coordinated format.
    •   Coordinate with members of the consortium, as well as other universities, who have executive format /on-line programs to form partnerships for concentrations or electives. 
  • Submit Curriculum to University Courses and Curriculum Committee for approval
  • Develop and implement marketing strategy to recruit students through: website presence; outreach in high schools (e.g. hands on workshops; career days); conduct workforce summits; membership in professional organizations.

The degree program is scheduled to go into effect Fall semester 2015.