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[NTC2015-MU-R-02] Developing a Multi-resolution Traffic Simulation Platform for Integrated Active Traffic Operations Evaluation in Metropolitan Areas

Pitu Mirchandani, ASU (PI), Lei Zhang, UMD (CO-PI), Xuesong Zhou, ASU (CO-PI)
Arizona State University and University of Maryland
Subject Area: 
Collaborative Research

Metropolitan areas count for a major portion of economic activities and it is critical to maintain and improve the health of transportation systems in metropolitan areas so as to increase the economic competitiveness. Therefore it proposes the requirements for an integrated tool to synergistically address the issues of travel behaviors and travel decision-making, traffic assignment and traffic operations. This project has the following objectives: (1) develop and demonstrate the capability of the multi-resolution traffic simulation platform, MetroSim+, which can integrate AgBM, DTALite and VISSIM into one single platform for filling the gap between travel demand forecasting, transportation planning and traffic engineering activities. (2) calibrate and evaluate the modeling framework; (3) apply the modeling framework to demonstrate capability; and (4) disseminate new capabilities to practitioners.
We will demonstrate how all types of decision makers can evaluate strategic and tactical traffic management strategies in metropolitan areas (e.g., adaptive ramp metering, pricing, work zone management), and what the potential benefits of innovative traffic management strategies to mitigate traffic congestions locally or at large scale are. Thus, we can provide a comprehensive picture for decision makers regarding traffic operations to improve the health of transportation systems in metropolitan areas.