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[NTC2015-SU-R-02] Distributed Traffic Monitoring and Prediction with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

The objective of this project is to develop innovative distributed traffic monitoring protocols as well as localized and area-wide traffic estimation algorithms, sustained by vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications alone, to support coordinated transportation operations.  The proposed project paves the first step towards the envisioned virtual traf?c operation system for urban road networks by addressing two essential functions.  
1) Localized, distributed, and cooperative traffic monitoring and aggregation to provide traffic information that is ready-to-use as inputs to transportation network models optimizing coordinated traffic control. 
2) Localized and area-wide traffic state estimation and prediction. 
Expected direct outcomes of this project consist of a set of new transportation models and algorithms, including 1) a distributed traffic monitoring protocol, 2) a cooperative localized traffic aggregation algorithm, 3) a cooperative localized platoon evolution prediction algorithm, and 4) an area-wide traffic estimation and prediction model; and a simulation program featuring the proposed V2V protocols.