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[NTC2015-MU-R-10] Improving the Reliability of Freight Transportation

This project will advance the frontier of knowledge in the area of freight reliability and efficiency. The purpose is to further develop methods for designing and operating freight logistics systems in ways that improve their efficiency and reliability. The work at UMD will especially emphasize operations at intermodal transfer terminals and the effects of dispatching decisions on system reliability.
Additional reliability performance assessment tools will be developed to supplement and complement those being developed in the first-year freight reliability and efficiency project. The emphasis on highway mode-focused tools will be extended to a multi-modal environment and a much richer tie between the system-level, connection assurance analyses of UMD and the route and tour-level tools being developed by NC State. 
The aim is to provide tools that can be used by governmental agencies to determine the freight reliability impacts of capacity investment and operational decisions. The tools will also help shippers and carriers make better-informed decisions about routing, scheduling, real-time dispatching and fleet sizing, and they will help those stakeholders better understand how to counsel and guide those agencies to make investment decisions that truly benefit the freight community.