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[NTC2014-SU-R-13] Multi-layered Integrated Urban Freight Delivery Network – Phase I: Identification of Policy Preferences based on Qualitative and Conjoint Analyses


Building on an ongoing study conducted by Dr. Hyeonshic Shin in collaboration with the University of Maryland and West Virginia University, this study conducts a large scale survey of freight related businesses and analyze the survey using choice-based conjoint analysis technique. This study is envisioned as a multi-stage effort. The first phase of the study will establish a conceptual framework, conduct outreach and surveys of industries, and identify preferred strategies. The second phase involves the formulation of a model for the chosen strategy and evaluates potential benefits and costs. The third phase will conduct a pilot implementation of the concept. The fourth phase will be a real world implementation. The study area of interest is the Baltimore metropolitan area. The goal of this proposal is to analyze freight sector stakeholders’ preferences for various policy alternatives on managing last mile delivery. Specific objectives are to (1) conduct in-depth interviews with leaders of the freight sector to guide the development of a survey to measure stakeholder opinion; (2) carry out a large scale survey of the industry; (3) conduct conjoint analysis to identify freight stakeholder’s preferences for alternative freight transportation policies; (4) develop a guide for the next stage of the study that will involve the development of an evaluation model for the chosen alternative policy.