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[NTC2014-SU-R-08] Evaluating and Calibrating Emission Impacts of Traffic Management Strategies through Simplified Emission Estimation Model and Mesoscopic Dynamic Traffic Simulators


Dr. Xuesong Zhou from Arizona State University will work closely with Dr. Nagui Rouphail and Dr. Chris Frey from North Carolina State University in this project. This research will use a multi-scale agent-based dynamic traffic assignment methodology (DTALite + MoveLite) to simulate possible time-varying traffic flow patterns within a network and accurately estimate the individual and total system cost in a transportation network. Drs. Zhou, Rouphail and Frey have been testing the integration of DTALite and MoveLite in small-scale test network, and this research will focus on the detailed evaluation of different traffic management strategies and systematical calibration of various traffic simulation parameters to improve the accuracy of emission impact estimation results, for medium and large scale networks